The Trans-Matic Story

Stamped with trust.

Founded in 1968, Trans-Matic was the first deep draw metal stamping company in western Michigan. Starting out with only two production machines, Pat Thompson built the company on a simple premise: to provide high-quality, reliable metal stamping for diversified markets that people want and need in their everyday lives. That’s where the Trans-Matic story begins.

Trans-Matic has developed a seasoned, global team of toolmakers, engineers, die designers and support personnel. We have built our national reputation for customer loyalty over the course of nearly five decades. Customers have learned that when they choose Trans-Matic, they have assurance for technical solutions, reliable deliveries, and precision components. Ask around and you’ll find that our customer feedback is consistent: “the most reliable and capable metal stamping firm in the industry”.

Trans-Matic utilizes a variety of state-of-the-art high-speed transfer presses that range from 5 to 600 tons in capacity. We have the ability to manufacture deep drawn stamped metal parts up to 4.5mm (0.180”) thick and 200mm (8”) deep. Through our technological advances, we can accommodate complex geometries and configurations without costly secondary processes. We also specialize in progressive die stampings, prototype development, tool design, non-destructive testing, value-add assembly, and advanced product development.

To ensure consistent quality and productivity, we established a dedicated Value Add/Value Engineering (VA/VE) department in 1995. Our VA/VE department has led to significant improvements in quality, design, and pricing for our customers.

At Trans-Matic, we are continually innovating, seeking to lead our industry in responsible manufacturing methods that make deep draw metal stamping better across the board. That’s why we’re well-known for our sustainability efforts in all of our worldwide production facilities. Our Advanced Product Development team includes engineers who partner with clients to create high precision, high quality stamped parts.

We serve companies from our headquarters in Holland, Michigan as well as our other locations in Mesa, Arizona; Monterrey, Mexico; and Suzhou, China. Our global footprint keeps shipping convenient for all North American, Asian, and Latin American customers.

All Trans-Matic Manufacturing facilities are TS16949 and ISO14001 certified and highly competent in drawing stainless steel, low carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass and more. For more information on Trans-Matic processes and materials that could best suit your needs, contact us today.

The Trans-Matic Mission.

Built upon a heritage of craftsmanship, Trans-Matic seeks to be the leading global supplier for challenging deep draw metal stamping components and value add assembly solutions.

Owned and operated by the Thompson family since



50 Years - Shaping An Industry