Plumbing Stampings

Trans-Matic’s extensive deep drawing experience with many different metals, including copper deep draw forming, has enabled us to work closely with plumbing component manufacturers for decades to produce top quality deep drawn stampings for plumbing components. With global production facilities we can work with plumbing component manufacturers to supply deep drawn parts both in North America and Asia, creating a single solution for deep drawn plumbing parts.

Our engineers have a thorough understanding of the deep drawing process as well as the needs and inner-workings of plumbing parts and the particular characteristics and challenges created by different metal types. We can manufacture plumbing components in the particular materials needed by the plumbing market, including metals that provide corrosion resistant properties.

Contact Us today to learn how our plumbing metal stamping experience can benefit you. We will always respect the confidentiality of your designs even as we help you refine and improve upon them.

Plumbing Stamped Components

The plumbing industry makes extensive use of deep drawn metal stamped components, taking advantaged of the many benefits of deep drawn parts. Among the plumbing systems and devices for which we manufacture deep drawn parts are:

  • Fittings, connectors, and clamps.
  • Ferrules used in hoses and lines in plumbing equipment.
  • Thermostats
  • Conveyance

Each of these plumbing components can be manufactured with different specifications depending on the particular application, and all plumbing components can be produced with peak efficiency due to our superior process control and management. We understand the demands of the myriad of different plumbing parts and the needs of the plumbing industry.

With production facilities around the globe and unparalleled expertise in the plumbing industry, Contact Us today for your plumbing stamping project.