Lawn Equipment Stampings

Trans-Matic’s decades of deep drawn stamping experience means that we’ve been growing along with the lawn equipment industry, working with lawn equipment manufacturers to continually improve and innovate the manufacturing process. Our engineers have an unparalleled understanding of the needs and requirements of lawn equipment metal stampings.

In addition to our experience, Trans-Matic brings the cost-effective production capabilities that only an industry leader can provide. To learn how our lawn equipment metal stamping experience can benefit you, please Contact Us today. We will always respect the confidentiality of your designs even as we help you refine and improve upon them.

Lawn Equipment Stamped Components

The lawn equipment industry makes extensive use of deep drawn metal stampings throughout the construction small engines and lawn equipment. Among the lawn equipment components and systems that typically make use of deep drawn metal stampings are:

  • Clutch drum assemblies
  • Fuel delivery components and carburetors
  • Housings and covers
  • Emission control devises and components, including oxygen sensors
  • Pressure sensor device components
  • Conveyance tubes including tubes to convey hydraulics, gas, and other fluids
  • Ferrules, including ferrules on hoses, lines and for electrical
  • Solenoids and actuators.

Clutch Drum Components

Each of these lawn equipment and engine components can be manufactured in different material types and grades, and with vastly different specifications depending on the specific application. We understand the demands of lawn equipment parts and the needs of the lawn equipment industry.

Lawn Equipment Stamping Expertise

Trans-Matic has a dedication to process management and continual innovation within the metal stamping industry, and our customers benefit greatly from our ability to manufacture the most demanding lawn equipment metal stampings with unmatched quality control and efficiency.

Our extensive expertise in lawn equipment metal stampings means that our engineers bring incredible knowledge of the lawn equipment industry to combine with our world class deep drawn metal stampings. We commonly manufacture deep drawn metal stampings for lawn equipment in the following metals:

  • Stainless steel
  • Low carbon/cold rolled steel
  • Copper

Trans-Matic has many different grades of all of the major metal types that are commonly used in deep drawn stampings and we have extensive experience deep drawing in each metal type and grade.

With global production facilities and unparalleled experience in the lawn equipment industry, Contact Us today for your lawn equipment metal stamping project.