HVAC Stamped Components

Trans-Matic has worked with HVAC industry manufacturers for decades to produce top quality deep drawn stampings. With global production facilities we can work with HVAC industry manufacturers to supply deep drawn parts globally, creating a single solution for deep drawn HVAC stamped components.

Our engineers have a thorough understanding of the deep drawing process as well as a detailed comprehension of the needs and inner-workings of HVAC parts. We can often combine multiple traditionally machined, or cast parts, to create a metal structure that minimizes the number of components needed, while providing a more robust finished part. We manufacture HVAC stamped components for the following:

  • Fittings: deep drawn stampings are commonly used for HVAC fittings for suction and discharge
  • Housings, covers, retainers and cups
  • Pressure device components
  • Sensors and thermostats
  • Conveyance tubes used in HVAC systems to convey hydraulics, gas, fluids, etc
  • Ferrules commonly found on hoses, lines, and in HVAC electrical components
  • Transmissions
  • Solenoids and actuators
  • Bearings
  • Gaskets

HVAC Stamped Components

Each of these HVAC components can be manufactured in different metal types, and with different specifications depending on the application.

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