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As a leader in the metal stamping industry, Trans-Matic provides a variety of services to a number of markets. Customers come to Trans-Matic for reliability and precision, especially when it comes to designing parts that keep people safe. We’ve been entrusted with producing braking components in cars, casings for ultra-capacitors, and highly durable parts in chain saws and lawn mowers. Each piece stamped by Trans-Matic inspires utmost confidence from our customers—whether we produce 300,000 parts or two million.

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Automotive >
There are thousands of deep drawn components in modern automobiles. Trans-Matic has over 40 years of experience crafting parts from bumper to bumper for automotive assembly lines around the world.

Lock & Builder’s Hardware >
Trans-Matic serves the needs of commercial and residential lock hardware manufacturers with our custom deep drawn components. With our team of design engineers, we can leverage unparalleled knowledge and skill in helping our clients design the parts that best suit their needs.

Plumbing >
From basic fittings and connectors to intricate thermostat components, Trans-Matic designs and manufactures a wide range of highly durable and versatile metal components for the plumbing industry.

Trans-Matic’s key benefits for the HVAC industry are our creative solutions for combining multiple components into a single deep drawn metal part that is both strong and cost effective. Our durable parts withstand the toughest of conditions for HVAC systems.

Lawn Equipment >
Trans-Matic works with a number of different metals to give our customers cost-effective solutions for their systems. These deep drawn parts are customized for your specific needs.

Your Industry
We could go on, but we would rather connect with you personally to discuss the needs of your business. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your company’s needs for deep drawn metal components. No one else in the stamping industry delivers the quality and precision of Trans-Matic.

Other markets we regularly serve include:

  • Power Tools
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Appliances
  • Fire Protection
  • Electronics
  • Small Engine
  • and many more


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