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Trans-Matic has a dedicated team of Advanced Product Development specialists that become intimate with our selected customer’s product teams and product needs at the conceptual stages. This same APD team has accredited value analysis and value engineers for our customer’s VA/VE activities. This VA/VE capability is essential to achieve our customer’s cost reduction objectives.

Trans-Matic APD activities have focused on everything from the redesign of costly screw machine parts into lower cost deep drawn stampings, to prototyping stamped metal components for your garden hose. Trans-Matic VA/VE activities have redesigned multiple piece assemblies into complex, one-piece deep drawn stampings. Our reverse engineering efforts have reduced or eliminated components within an assembly many times creating a more reliable metal structure.

Our process follows 10 critical steps before you reach the final tested product. View our infograph below for more details, or check out each step highlights below:
  1. Application Engineers conceptualize new product through conversation with customers
  2. Trans-Matic renders parts in 3D computer visuals
  3. Feasibility analysis with customers to assure success
  4. Decisions on tooling, construction materials, and machining process
  5. Customers test prototype design during Finite Element Analysis
  6. Rapid Stereolithograph for plastic prototypes
  7. Build out of prototype die set
  8. Trans-Matic Toolmakers draw parts from raw material
  9. Customer tests with Trans-Matic support in live environment
  10. Prototype is ready for launch

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    Advance Product Development Infograph

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